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What's the difference between TPMS sensors?

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Anyone know what the differences are in the sensors for alloy wheels and steel wheels? Also, some are listed as 40 degree and others as 20 degree. I assume that's the angle of the valve stem that comes out of the sensor. Anyone know for sure?
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My guess would be stem length, but only a guess.
my truck came with the 16" steel wheels and they moved the sensors to my 18" alloys. id say they are interchangable
It is the angle of the sensor. I think. I had the tire shop break one cause it did not fit flat against my new wheels that 4wheel parts installed. I put tires on after I got the new wheels.
Here are a few pictures that show my sensors (p/n 40700 JA01B) installed on my new 18" alloy wheel. They are listed for steel wheels according to this chart but came on the factory alloy 16" SE wheels:

They seem to fit perfectly to me. I don't know if that chart is correct or not. I'd say they are interchangeable.
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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