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What to do.....

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I have a 1998 Frontier XE 4x4 4cyl, I ripped off the front plastic bumper valence and I am looking for some sort of additional bumper to cover my radiator and front frame... I am somewhat concerned that the airbag sensors (cant seem to find the darn things) are exposed more than they should be. What can I buy to protect the front end of my frontier? I am looking for a cheap solution, I dont want to pay 800$ for a metal bumper replacement.

Thanks in advance, Trey


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Looks good like that
can you weld. make up a simple bumper with some tube

I'll even draw some CAD models for you to follow

I'll even draw some CAD models for you to follow
That would be awesome! Does cad have special file types though? I might not be able to open them...

I was thinking about a winch in the front then paint the radiator support black, Mount a winch plate between the frame rails. Like this one... - Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices

I want to get this winch, I think my friend told me they are on sale for 149.99 right now at the local harbor freight... (deffinatly getting the 3 yr warrenty...)

- Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices
for a winch you get what you pay for, get a ramsy/warn or something along that line the winch on my XJ is a $900 winch i would not trust a 150 to pull my rig out if i was stuck
Yeah dude I can totally design a bumper for you and send you screen shots and PDFs of 2d with measurements. What are you fab skillz??? Tube? Plate? round? square? Trapezoid?
My uncle has a mig welder, I have used it for exhaust many times, i took a few welding classes in high school last year, my welding skills are up to par for making a bumper I would trust. I think I found a solution looking around, I can buy a universal winch plate for my frontier and mount it inbetween the frame rails, The winch will fit perfectly in there, as long as radiator airflow is ok I think it would work great.]

I dont have equiptment to cut and bend tubing so i will probably have to stick to square tubing
You would still need a method of cutting the square tubing,, but a hacksaw can accomplish that. Can you take measurements of the front frame where the bumper support bar bolt to? I'll draw a sketch of what I mean in a short while. I can't measure my truck because I cut 5" off the front of my frame.
just an FYI, mine cost 500ish... save your pennies and have a pro build it... do you trust your welds?
Cmon josh.. let the guy have some fun. As for a "bumper" newb bugger welds can suffice, should you try to throw a winch on there, definitely not.
I have a huge a metal cutting circular saw, I can cut tubing but it won't fit together well..I am a good welder, I have welded a lot, but I don't do it as a profession by any means...
Cool. Can you cut miters on it?

Can you measure the frame rails from outside to outside and get a rough dimension from the height and width of the frame rails.
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Frame rail width, (outside width) 28 and 1/4".... frame rail height, (it tapers. I will measure front and back size) Front height is 2 and 3/4", rear is 3 and 1/2".

Inside width between rails is 22".

Here is a pic of the winch plate I just quickly fabbed up on some paper towels....


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Here is a quick sketch of the frame rail.... So its not so confusing


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I haven't had the plastic valance on mine for about a year now. I haven't had any problems. I spray painted everything under there black and it looks a lot better. I have actually gotten quite a few compliments on it. People seem to think it looks more rugged without the plastic.
yea i think im going to do a winch mounted inbetween the frame rails and a nice 3/8 skid plate with reinforcements then paint the rest of the ssupport black
I'll draw something over the weekend.
cool, thanks in advance..
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