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hey mang
im planin my truck right now too, i got 2 10s and im scraping some cash together for a headunit.

as far as speakers, the fronts are component the rears are coaxial like you said.

i think im going to upgrade the rear speakers first with better coaxials , then the fronts with better components but mount the tweeters in a better postion. and then add an amp

id say not to use the stock location with 3 1/2s, bouncing the sound isnt that great...

one thing i thought might be badass is if you mouted the head unit down in the lower spot below the ac controls. and then mount like a 4" speaker as a center channel in the double din spot. you could put a second center speaker in your center console box and have super surround*

*not actually surround, just a lot of speakers placed well
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