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What"s the biggest tire I can run stock

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Can I run tires any bigger than the stock 265/75/R16 without rubbing? I know they won't be much bigger, but I'm looking for anything that can give my truck a little more height without a lift kit.
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Dang, the search feature must be disabled or something, there are a lot of repeat thread coming up.

You may be able to run a 285 if you remove the lower valance thingy and possibly trim a little (trimming prevents rubbing). You can also run a 255 but that is a little skinnier then stock so idk if that is your cup of tea.

Now, if you need more info I would suggest that you search the forum a little. You will be amazed on how much info is out there on our 5yr old trucks.
sorry, i searched but a lot of stuff came up with people who already raised their trucks using spacers and such...

i cant even install the spacers I bought because the rear bolt holding on the left front shock is seized on there :(
What do you mean rear bolt? The driver shock assembly is held on by 3 nuts on top and one bolt on bottom. There is no front and rear bolts to speak of. Now if you are talking about the bottom bolt, like Devius stated, that is TQ down a bit. Spray it with PB for a week and then use a breaker bar or a TQ gun.
lol oops...sorry thinking about a lot of things right now... i meant bottom :p
When working on any suspension, PBblaster is your friend. Just start spraying down all related bolts a week or so ahead of time. This will make life a lot easier.
The bottom shock bolts don't need to be removed for a 2" spacer. A larger spacer might be a different story.
Are you sure? Doesn't the spacer change the orientation of the bolt pattern requiring you to clock the assembly 180deg?

I think yoiu may be thinking about the spindle since that doesn't need to be removed to install a spacer, you just need to play with the assembly a bit to get everything to fit.
Positive! I installed my spacers and didn't need to remove the lower shock bolt. Some spacers might change the orientation (PRG probably), my ADF spacers did not.
Ahhh, they get away with it by using the welded spacer system while PRG is solid. Didn't think about then when I posted above. Thanks for the heads up.
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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