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What"s the biggest tire I can run stock

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Can I run tires any bigger than the stock 265/75/R16 without rubbing? I know they won't be much bigger, but I'm looking for anything that can give my truck a little more height without a lift kit.
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Dang, the search feature must be disabled or something, there are a lot of repeat thread coming up.
sorry, i searched but a lot of stuff came up with people who already raised their trucks using spacers and such...

i cant even install the spacers I bought because the rear bolt holding on the left front shock is seized on there :(
What do you mean rear bolt? The driver shock assembly is held on by 3 nuts on top and one bolt on bottom. There is no front and rear bolts to speak of. Now if you are talking about the bottom bolt, like Devius stated, that is TQ down a bit. Spray it with PB for a week and then use a breaker bar or a TQ gun.
lol oops...sorry thinking about a lot of things right now... i meant bottom :p
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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