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What oil?

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I have been driving an 01 Sport Trac for quite some time so I am a bit out of touch when it comes synthetic oils + fancy auto engines. In the Sport Trac I just plopped any brand of 10w30 in it and that was that. 140k miles with no issues other than a losing battle with rusty joints and a leaky cab. I did switch to synthetics for all my small engines (mowers, snowblower, tractor, etc.) and they seem to appreciate it. Should I do the same for the Frontier?

To compound the issue I get 3 years of free oil changes at the dealership as part of buying a new truck. I am sure they will pump some bulk oil into it. What would you guys do? Free oil changes for 3 years is pretty hard to pass up, but I want the best for my truck. Guess I could take em synthetic to use. Sure they wouldn't mind.
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I use castol edge full syntec in a 10w-30. I know a lot of guys run royal purple and amsoil. I simply prefer castrol because its cheaper, full syntech, and they do all kinds of testing to it and has all kinds of seals of approval an stuff.
Amsoil is good stuff. That is what I put in the small engines I have and I do notice they run smoother. Stuff's not cheap though. :(
Mobile 1 full synthetic 5w-30 is what I put in mine. I tried their 0w-30 for better gas mileage and haven't noticed crap. Anyway, the 5w-30 in any oil has a wider range of temps and conditions that it will work well in. That the reason I use it instead of 10w.
ive been using 5w-30 castrol syntec in my truck. iam at 103k miles should i switch to one of those high millage oils or stick to the full syn? or any kinda oil additive i shoud start using?
Doubt you need additives, I run total 5w 30 full syn. After a few changes I will prolly switch back to something with less detergents in it. Not sure what yet tho..

The total is deff cleaning out the truck, and the 5w 30 full syn is deff main her run smooth.
I'd go w/the "free" oil changes and change to synthetic in year 4. Whatever's on sale w/a quality oil filter.
Use the free ones for sure. Assuming you change your oil every 3500 miles and don't deal with -40 temps, synthetic oil won't do anything that the free bulk oil won't.
i use sythetic mobil 1 but yea take it in for free
Thanks for the replies all. I think it is good advice to just take the free oil changes. 12 free oil changes is is hard to pass up. Not sure if it is a Nissan funded thing or the dealership's idea to keep new car buyer's coming back. Never know, one of em (not me :() might buy the GT-R on the showroom floor. That is one sharp vehicle.
your going to be saving yourself somewhere in the area of $300 taking the free ones, so go with that and by yourself a $300 toy like a programmer :) with the boost in fuel mileage that you get from most programmers it will pay for itself in less than a year (i'm a number cruncher when it comes to these things lol). its a good argument to use with your wife(or girlfriend) and with the programmer paying for itself in less than a year you can buy your girl a nice present too to keep her happy about it all :)
I better keep it on the hush hush. Wife may expect a trip to the Coach store. Hate that place! I always leave a poorer man.
I better keep it on the hush hush. Wife may expect a trip to the Coach store. Hate that place! I always leave a poorer man.
never had the misfortune of being dragged there by my wallet but i don't hear many good things lol. if thats the case i'd keep it hush hush too lol
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