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What oil does Nissan use?

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Have 200 miles on my SV 2017 and I negotiated 4 oil changes from Nissan, I was planning on changing the oil for its first Oil change myself for two reasons. One so I know how to do it and I love to wrench on cars and the other reason I want to change it at 2500 not 5000 miles. So I'll change it at 2500 then let the dealer do it at 5k,10-15-20

But does Nissan use Synthetic in our trucks? or stick with dino ?

One more thing, a friend with a 2011 Pro-4x and 120k miles says he "burns" about a quart of oil every oil change and acted as if this was normal. My many years of working on car and even building a few of my own engines, this is not normal. If oil is getting past the rings that is a bad thing, very bad and if its leaking from the valves equally as bad IMO. I told him he's not measuring right .

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From the factory its Dino oil.

I don't think 1/2 quart in 5K is out of the ordinary. The new Subi imprezas 2.0 would burn 1/2quart per gas fill up and they claimed that was normal. I would say all IC engines burn oil. The amount is typically not noticable between oil changes.

My 06 with 82K on the clock doesn't burn any oil though. Might at 120K.
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