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what makes this sound

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its coming from my right front wheel area passenger side
VID00000.mp4 video by jeff024 - Photobucket
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nothing rubbing ,no lines loose
no I cant make the sound with the wheels off the ground and it only does it when going real slow ,turning sharp.Like in turning in a parking space or a U turn
been like that for awhile just not that bad.I thought it was tire rub for a long time but now its started to make the noise when turning right also
how involved are replacing the CVs on these trucks?
it got really loud over the last few weeks before I could turn and it would only do it sometimes now its all the time.I thought I blew something in the front dif but it was already making the noise the last time I went wheeling.
Wheres the best place to get replacement parts for the CV or do I have to go to the dealer and order the parts?
I will try in the morning to see if it stops in 4x4 but I think its all the time now
ok so the noise isnt as bad in 4wd but it does still happen .I think its just because the fronts locked and you cant really turn as sharp and at a good speed without the wheel sorta hopping.I just need to find out where to get the CVs I dont see it on courtsey parts unless I just dont know what im looking for.I have never changed a CV on anything but im sure I can do it.My brother has a lift in his garage so thats not a problem.Hate to ask anyone to search for anything for me but im asking for your help this time..........Thanks
nothing comes up Idle just the main page

thanks Mylt I think thats it If I need to do 1 side im gonna just go ahead and do both
ok Mike,I wont I cant mess with it this weekend anyway were headed to Hershey Park this weekend so I wont get to it until the following weekend anyway I just wanna get everything I need before hand.Do I need any special tool to do the job?Should I do my ball joints while I have everything apart?How bout U joints?
I agree Mike I just have no idea where to start,I have been trying to figure this out for awhile and always thought it was tire rub until it got alot worse
its getting fixed I will have this truck until it never runs again
thanks Mike ,I will make sure we can get in my brothers so we have air and the lift
hey Mike I wont be able to mess with it on the 26th my moms coming up from NC and I havent seen her since Jan. I can do the 27th
ok then I will give ya a call sometime by the weekend so we can set a time
Thanks mike for making the drive. So after hours of driving in circles banging around under the truck banging our heads together Mike decided let's try to put my stock UCAs back on and low and behold the heim is worn out and has a lot of play that's what was making all that noise in the vid,so I guess I will be shipping them back to PRG for a rebuild. Thanks again mike for your time
1 - 15 of 37 Posts
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