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What is This Squeak?

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Hello problematic truck here!

OK, if I were to guess this squeak in any other vehicle, I would say the serpentine belt. However, with our Frontiers, it could be the belt, the alternator or the idler pulley. Thanks Nissan!

So based upon watching this video, can someone that has experienced the alternator or idler pulley failure determine if this squeak is one of those problems? If so, I'll take my truck in ASAP.

NOTES: The squeak in the video is very loud sounding. In actuality, it is not as bad. I guess the camera's microphone is quite sensitive to squeaks! Also, the video was shot about 3 minutes after startup. Truck has been sitting all day. The squeak DOES subside after about 10 minutes, if left warming up.

Click for What's the Squeak Video


PS - This forum needs a troubleshooting category. General discussion should be left to "hellos" and "basic truck talk." Just my $0.02.
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I've had the pulley done and it sounds like that's it. You might be out of warranty period, so it's not a hard job to do yourself. I don't think that would be covered under the 60,000 mile part of the warranty, just the 30,000.
It sounds to me like the infamous belt tensioner squeek. If your out of warranty, it is a very quick, easy and inexpensive DIY to replace the tensioner and belt.
Thanks for the quick responses. Yep, I am just out of the 3 year warranty period. I hit the timeframe before the mileage, so that's unfortunate.

Does the alternator squeak sound similar to the idler squeak? When thinking about my squeak, it seems periodic (squeak...squeak...squeak...etc), rather than a constant squeal. I would think that when a pulley bearing goes bad, either in the alternator or the tensioner, it would be more of a squeal, no? After all, the little pulleys are spinning much faster than the belt itself.
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