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What happened to my tires?????

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They didn't look like this yesterday and I didn't decide to give them a chameleon paint job today. There is only 1 of them that doesn't look like this. There is no film or liquid type feel to the tires, if anything they feel a bit dry. There are under 300 miles on these tires.
I am thinking I should bring the truck back to where I had my tires put on, this doesn't seem normal to me.

I appreciate any insight or help on this one!

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I'll try that out tomorrow.
I'll add that yesterday was the first time I took these tires on a highway trip and had them rolling at 70mph in the nice FL heat.
Previously it was city and under 50.
I went out and scrubbed one of them. I am going to wait to apply dressing until I see if scrubbing them helped any. Will check in the morning and see if it got rid of it.
Local shop.
No idea the cost, wife picked them up for me for christmas.

I guess I will update this thread.
I cleaned the tires up and applied some dressing, they look nice and black now.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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