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What do you guys think about my tailgate badge?

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Anyway, My Tacoma has a factory V6 badge on the tailgate and I always wondered why the Frontier didn't have one for the mighty VQ? Anyway, I saw a V6 Altima go by the other day and got to thinking that would be just right for my truck. Anyway, what do you guys think cool or lame? I always try to keep my mods OEM or OEM-Plus. I apologize for the crummy Cam/Phone pic my regular camera is out of commission for the time being.

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neeto. i took all mine off.
I like it, not over the top, looks like it was meant to be there!
Looks fine. I wonder how it would look if you bought two characters the same height as frontier V6? Pep Boys sell them there.

Thanks, yeah I've seen those do it your self badges. I really wouldn't add something like that unless it was OEM. Also I thought it should have been there because every Nissan truck body style I remember as a kid said XEV6 or SEV6 etc... Call me crazy but for awhile I was thinking about getting a throw-back graphic on my 2nd gen like how the 80's Hard-bodies had the big SEV6 on the side of the door. Basically I wanted to make a throwback 2nd Gen Frontier like this throwback Tacoma, but a Nissan version...

Not necessarily this graphic but you get the idea...

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ugh, that tack-o is fugly
it looks ok, if you like it then keep it, don't think anyone will really think any differently of your truck for having a little v6 badge, one way or the other
that looks ok, idk aboot the rims tho. needs somethin a little more sporty
it looks good, i also took all of my badges off but as long as it looks like it's meant to be there...
I think the v6 emblem looks good! What i think makes it cool is that its oem! That desert runner looks sic as h-ll also!
Thats cool, it does look like it suppose to be there.
I dont care much for it but if you like it thats all that really matters huh
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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