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What did I do?

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I turned my 6-speed truck around in my parents driveway and started drifting down the hill. I usually put it in second and coast down their gravel driveway. Today I did that but it was actually still in reverse and it did seem to be pulling some gravel but that's not unusual. When I stopped at the end of the driveway to pull out I noticed it was idling higher than usual. Once I hit the road I started shifting and I think it was when I hit 3rd that it started acting crazy. It felt like I pushed the clutch in a little then let it out real fast. I drive home short shifting without problem but it still seems to be acting crazy. When I pulled into my garage it was still idling higher than usual.

Any ideas?
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I priced some kits on eBay that come with clutch and flywheel for just over $600. Seems like a lot but I would probably just replace the flywheel and the clutch and be done with it

Exedy NSK1006 Clutch Kit: $186.79
LUK DMF098 Dual Mass Flywheel: $241.79
Parts: $428.59
5% discount code "7142828357999262": -$21.43
TOTAL: $407.15+shipping

Be careful when buying auto parts on Ebay. There are a lot of counterfeit "made in China" parts being passed off as name brand and it's getting harder to tell the difference all the time. They're even counterfeiting NGK and Nissan spark plugs! At least if you deal with a reputable parts seller, like Rockauto or NAPA or Advance Auto, you can have peace of mind that the parts are genuine and if you have any problems, they can be quickly and easily resolved in most cases.
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