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Hey Fellas,

Need your help again! I decided on painting my rims next weekend but before I do I need to know what kind of paint I should use. I want something that is going to hold up a long time without chipping. I read something on the board about bedliner or hammertone paint?? Secondly, I wanted to know what colors besides black would you think would go with a smoke gray truck. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys

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Duplicolor makes specific wheel paint that may be worth a try. Then others have used hammertone (harshreality I believe) and other have used standard rustolium. The key is to put a few coats of clear over the paint to seal it and help strengthen the overall layer of paint.

Now for colors, I have no clue what would work best on your Storm Grey (not smoke grey) truck. I have the same and have kicked around black, gunmetal (bwarren set-up) or just keeping it silver.

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I painted my stock rims a while back before getting the MB Predator wheels (pics in my gallery of the painted rims).

I prepped and painted them exactly as should be done.
They held up quite well to normal usage on the road.
Where they didn't hold up was when it was time to get new tires put on.
The tire shop massacred them getting the old rubber off and putting the new rubber on.
I don't know if it could have been avoided or not, I'm thinking more care could have been taken but who knows.

Moral of the story, if you are going to paint your rims expect chips and scratches to show up, especially if you off-road your truck at all.
I would use a solid color that can be touched up easily (not multiple colors or a metallic like I used, can't easily touch that up).

In all honesty knowing what I know now, I probably wouldn't paint a set of rims again.
Or if I did I'd take them to a paint shop and let the Pros do it and get a warranty on the job.

Also, have you considered powder coating them?

Bedliner seems to hold up pretty well from what has been said on here, but I think you'll still end up having to touch them up from time to time.

Just my experiences. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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If you are going to do it the cheap route, the Duplicolor automotive sprays work well, just prep it carefully.
Use red scotchbrite and 3m adhesive remover to give it tooth to the factory powdercoat. If you have ever used tire shine or the ilk, prewash with acetone to remove the silicones or the paint will not stick anywhere it has been.
Use dusting coats to color,allowing it to tack between sprays, with a final wet coat for shine after several hours dry time.
I painted mine this way in 06, and they still look good.
Contrary to opinion, the thinnest coat of paint possible has better chip resistence, as it cures more solid over time.
If you replace tires, find a quality shop with a no touch tire machine, and they will be ok.
Another option is Interlux boat paint. It is an expoxy that is actuallytougher than powdercoat. Just be careful as it is near impossible to remove without some evil chemicals!
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