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Well, I be here!

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My nickname is Ballistics.... yep, I love to blow stuff up and accurize my favorite toys.... guns!

I was looking for info on the Everstart 24N batttery, a trip to the dealer for my '03 Frontier XE Crewcab got me a .... "Mr V..., you need a new batt'ry, we got 'em for 105.00" got me all riled up! That battery's been in there since I bought the truck new in Dec 2002 and has NEVER failed me!

So much for dealer visits!

Retired USAF 24 years, Vietnam combat veteran 69-71 Bien Hoa.
One of the most beautiful countries I have ever seen that was pure hell.

Cie la Vie! We lost that one.

Favorite pasttime... retiring goundhogs as a member of the North West Central West (by God) Virginia Red Mist Society! 800 y6ard shots my specialty! :)

Y'all take care... and don't be buyin no batteries from dealers!

..... crazy bob:noworries:
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Welcome to CF. Good to see you keeping those marksmanship skills up. Never know when you will need them again. What you using for the 800yd shot!
Thanks for your service to our country!!!
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Greetings Ballistics -
I just paid $90 bucks but I live in sticks of MT, just glad my local Conoco had one - 60 miles to a cheaper battery.
I seem to also get riled-up more often than not when I step inside any auto garage, but almost guaranteed at dealerships. We have prarrie dogs around here - you're a 'hell-of-a-shot' to make them at 800 yards, not me. Do you think Nam would be much different today had we 'won'?
I have read that walmart brand car batteries get you the most bang for your buck.

welcome to the club..
I have read that walmart brand car batteries get you the most bang for your buck.

welcome to the club..
That is all I have used over the past 15yrs or so on all my vehicles.
Welcome. My dad is USAF retired. He was stationed in Germany while you were in Vietnam. My mom flew back to the states to have me!

Well! See, good things come from being in the USAF! :amazing:
-- crazy bob
Yeah, national pride probably would be better!

800 yards usually takes 2 shots, even 3... they're so stupid, they just turn and look at the dust you kicked up! Either way, red mist they be! Need 20X scope or more and good ballistics table, you have to watch grass to see wind, or tree leaves... the more challenging, the bigger the rush! My friend who was chopper gunner uses 6mm Remington 700 bull bbl with Leopold straight 26X and mists them at 1200 yds, longest I've verified... I cannot do that myself! I was using .25-06... it was stolen, now my main playtoy, not my mini-14, is 7mm WSM Browning medallion, which seems to have less recoil than .30-06, and is based on a .404 Jeffries a case from the old days! Bigger case holding more powder using less pressures = less recoil, and better shooting accuracy. But enough! I'm almost on my soapbox... I can talk all day about shooting!

I saw prarie dogs while in Denver, and they are much smaller, a real challenge for long range shooting! On Vs. channel now we see bear and moose and elk at 400, 500, 600+ yards with these newer short-cased magnums (e.g. 7mm RUM by Remington) which put the power to the pedal without risk to the equipment. Even SOCOM has big bore short-cased mags now! I cannot see what use a .458 SOCOM would have, but there must be one if they invented it! The .30's and 7mm's (.284) usually have the best ballistic coefficients and flatter shooting, although a .243 is very good for coefficients but down on the energy due to limits on powder capacity.

A hottie with a tiny pill is .22-250, and it'll do the job at long ranges too! I used my M-16 out to 1000 meters with starlight scope to great effect back then, but I practised daily back there, and it has about half the powder capacity the .22-250 does.

As an aside, I think we are poorly treating our youth/young people over these 2 wars, and instead of getting better, it seems the VA has gotten worse due to overload. I also feel that no 20 year old should be maimed for life with brain or spinal cord injury - I know, I've had spinal cord injury since I was 20 in 1970. It sucks. We cannot thank or young people in the military enough for what they sacrifice while we sit safe at home, going to movies, *****ing about not enough beer money on Fri nites out while our military are nearly forgotten by most everyday Americans... Just ask anyone, "Have you thanked a vet today?" and most look at you like you're crazy. A few have even said "I don't have a pet!"

As Spock said so often.... "Live long and prosper!"

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Thank you for thanking me for service to country... we all need to do that more often (thank a veteran) for I think this generation will see more veterans than ever before.

I was using .25-06 100 grain Nosler ballistic tip, CCI large rifle magnum primers and IMR 4831 powder which is on the slower burning side. In my Browning 1878, B78, single shot it was a real killer! Many white tail have adorned my dinner plate thanks to that load and gun! That rifle was stolen 2 years ago in a break-in where I was renting. Now I am using a 7mm WSM which is a wee bit bigger, .284 instead of .256 but has much more case capacity for powder since case is based on .404 Jeffries, which allows for more umph at lower pressures. Actually, the 7mm Wincester Short Magnum exceeds the .30-06 and .25-06 in energies and velocities, at lesser recoils and pressures. The 7mm WSM gives a .300 Winchester Magnum a damn good run for its money, although some say they'd rather have a 30 caliber as opposed to a 7mm when hunting brown bear. You should get the free DVD from Barnes bullets and they preach the right stuff... bullet placement is more than half the war in dropping game, not bullet size or kinetic energies imparted.

Be well! 4x4 on!

... b
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Welcome to Club Frontier!
Thank you for your service! I don't take it for granted.
Our country should hold our veterans up as our heros instead of athletes and hollywood actors. We have our priorities backwards.

Back to Clint

Thank you for the THANKS! I've received more thanks in the last 2-3 years than I did in the previous 30 years! Better late than never. I guess. I'm one of the lucky ones, for I did come home.

I was a very angry young man when I got back. At SF International I arrived to fly home to JFK in NY and protestors called me baby killer and threw rotten veggies on me, spit on me. I realized at that moment why some cracked and opended up with a fully automatic weapon on people back here in the world, as we called home, for where we were was an alternate reality that seemd a bad dream. We smoked allot of ganja there, others drank till they dropped... we all had our coping mechanisms it seems.

To finish, I took off my uniform, threw it in the trash at the airport and flew home in jeans and t-shirt. It took me years to lose the reflex of hitting the ground when there was an explosion or backfire... I've never lost the hate for those who judged me at the airport for who were they to do so?

I did what my country asked, even though I did not agree, but our freedom tells us we must answer the call if the country calls, the reward for that is to not be shot down like a dog in the streets as I saw in Vietnam and Thailand. I've seen children sold for rice, even into prostitution... life was cheap in a third world country. Americans have no idea how great they have it here.

My oldest child, a daughter, now a PA in Boston doing open heart surgery assistance, hated America, and went to France after high school. She returned after 11 days and continually told me how much she loved America. I do not know what happened there to change her mind, but it reinforces what I've told many others, that here in America we have so many blessings, we all take them for granted, and we do not realize them until we lose them.

How about a hot shower, or even just the hot water! A flush toilet? A fridge, a burger place! The money to get what you want, when you want. All these things do not exist in third world countries... Look at Darfur, where genocide was done because it gave one power, and the things you'd never had... like the right to live! Children killing others with an AK47 in their hands for Crissake! Yeah, Americans have no idea how blessed they are, nor how much our youth sacrifice the minute they put on the uniform and follow orders, while others watch Bay Watch for the skimpy suits!

If you feel something for these young people, contact the USO and find out how to send something of comfort to those kids over there in Iraq and Afghanistan! Even a good blanket is a treat, for they do not exist in the field!

Yes, my war changed me... and I gave 24 years to America proudly! I still get tears every time the national anthem plays, or at retreat where the flag is lowered for the day! Here you can flip off a cop... in Saigon it got you shot if you were not "round eyes" - American. Life is a blessing, we should revel in it, not curse it for what we do not have... like a rolls royce, or what others have. We need to be grateful for what we have, not angry for what we don't!

Sorry... as I approach 60 in 3 weeks, I have softened and allowed myself to talk about things I locked away, or I become the guy who is wearing rotten veggies! I used to laugh at the Amish saying "My parents get smarter as they get older!" We always tend to not listen to our elders, for youth pushes us to prove them otherwise! Then, when we get older, we find our parents were correct most of the time.

I wish all to have fortune and happiness in every lifetime. Knowing it can't be so for all, I pray for those who can never realize what the rest of us have, much less imagine having freedom itself... one of the most precious comodities on the planet. Those children in Darfur thought they were buying it, and maybe they did in buying their own life by doing what they did! I guess my point is like another simple pharse "Never judge another until you've walked a mile in their shoes". Amen to that.

In Nam we did what we had to, and came home. Period. It should have ended there, but it never does.

In any event, I say God Bless Americans, and God Bless the United States of America!

There is not place like it elsewhere on the planet! If you live here, be thanful, for what I have seen elsewhere on this planet has made me realize just how damn good I have it here, even being poor, in this country born out of the desire for freedom... And... God Bless our Troops, male and female, for all their sacrifices, may they come home in one piece, alive. Amen.

I'm done, I won't bring it up again. I've no desire to show my scars and compare wounds, etc. I just feel that we overlook the basis of our freedom, and we should start with the people wearing the uniform, all over the world, representing us, U.S., and our freedom and the tenents our country stands for.

Sorry, this reads like I am a basket case, but I'm not. I just think that we get caught up in our own thing so much that we forget why we are able to do that, rather than serve as an opressed people conscripted into violence just to survive - as is life many more places than not, in this world.

God Bless you ALL! And remember, gun control is being able to hit what you are shooting at!

Crazy bob, USAF Retired
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Welcome to Club Frontier.

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Thanks for the info on Warranty!

but I have 95 thou an her and i've been lucky, no warranty issues the whole time except for the factory recalls in the first year (2003).:fantastic:
Hey welcome to the club man! Glad to have you aboard.

I hear what you are saying about the 3rd world countries. I was in one for 2.5 years straight, never came so close to insanity. My coping was Vodka, no ganja there lol. You are twice the person when its over, we know that. Packs of dogs running around, a life has no meaning, locals beat to death and left to freeze outside hospitals. My town was about 10k people, and we had a huge orphanage. That says a lot right there. I have a pic of the apartment I stayed in at my desk at work to remind me of how life is now.

Thanks for your service! I was in the Peace Corps stationed in the Republic of Moldova. (yes Moldova is a real country) I was invited to OCS with the Navy about 8 months ago, but I turned it down at the last minute when I found out my wife was pregnant. Bought a home, got a dog... decided to just enjoy life.
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Welcome to CF and Welcome Home! Thank you for your service to our country. I was at Bien Hoa in 1972 with Marine Aircraft Group -12.
Welcome and enjoy.
Welcome. Thank you for your service to our country.
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