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welcome to all and here's my turdbox

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Hi guys,

Well heres my intro,I bought my 90kc 4cyl 4x4 about 3 1/2 years ago for 500 smackers with 356k on it.I have literally beat the sack off this thing with no shame at all and the motor finally blew in the snow a couple of days ago,and this is after i have already put 20k miles on it.I had a standard cab 2wd that i swapped a bed from,and i would have just sent it to the junkyard but when i did the bed swap the week after i got it the frame is spotless not even a hint of surface rust.So over the past couple of years i aquired a spare motor and got another trans from yard.since it has finally crapped out i am goin to rebuild this thing,i have made up my mind that my budget will be around 5k and i will be building as i go along.Heres the list of parts i plan for this project.

rebuilt kae engine
exterra supercharger
3in susp lift complete with new everything
h233b/r200 axle upgrade with lockers and rebuilt
rebuilt trans
33x10.5 or equivilent
another bed or fix this one
steering upgrade
one piece drive shaft
hitch eventually
pathy seats
all other minor fixes
possible fiberglass fenders front and rear
pathy rear discs

So i figure for the 5k +/- i will have rebuilt this thing to exactly what i want for what it would cost to buy another half decent truck for the price.Well heres some pics.

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Welcome and enjoy the club. What part of PA are you from? I think I've seen your truck, but can't remember where.
Welcome to Club Frontier.

I had a 95 hardbody king cab also and it was a favorite of mine.

I'm in the Pottstown/reading area but when I had my fourwheeler o used to go pottsville to ride. I have been lurking for a couple of weeks because I might just look into getting a second gen but I'm happy with what I have for now. I don't serious enough offroading to do a solid axle I will just fix it and beef it up a little.
Thats gonna be a fun build. I cant wait till im over "scratching the paint". U got the right idea!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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