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Weight Distribution Hitch Review

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So I bought this kind of sporadically because I had to haul about 400 16 foot 1x6 boards on a 12 foot trailer about 25 miles. Being the boards would hang off quite a bit, the load would be very much unbalanced, which I knew would cause a horrible sway. Regardless, I got a friend's dually and 18 foot heavy equipment trailer to tow all those boards (a total of 15,000 LB) instead of making 4-5 half-arsed trips on my little Frontier.

The cost is $353, but I bought mine for $250 by bargaining at my dealership during an oil change. You can get it cheaper elsewhere and online, but the reason this thing is so expensive is because it weighs shiit-ton, which raises the shipping cost to an outrageous amount. The actual hitch has a $100-150 value, but shipping it cost about $100.

The Purpose

For those of you that don't know what is is...the reasoning behind this hitch is to create a solid (yet allowing rotation) beam-like connection between a trailer and the truck's frame, which allows the trailer weight to be distributed equally through the whole truck instead of just the rear wheels. This allows the truck to use all of it's weight to handle the trailer; therefore, improving ability to tow.

To achieve these results, you must understand how the thing works so that you can adjust it correctly; if you don't adjust it correctly, it does no good or can actually hinder your ability to tow safely.


If you "over adjust" the hitch, more weight is distributed on the front wheels than the back. You can do this at such of an extreme, that you can spin the back wheels on pavement (which is more noticeable at higher speeds, when air lifts the truck more off the ground and there is even less weight in the back, causing them to spin). THIS CAN BE VERY DANGEROUS BY CAUSING RANDOM LOSE OF CONTROL ON UNLEVEL SURFACES DUE TO LOSE OF TRACTION ON ONE REAR WHEEL, CAUSING THE TRUCK TO SUDDENLY VEER OFF TO ONE SIDE (with a trailer behind too).

To prevent this, you want 60%+ of the weight on the rear wheels and adjust the hitch according. It can be tricky to adjust the hitch (hard to tell) and you must be parked on a level surface.

Does it work?

Yes. But only with correct adjust. Loading via correct weight distribution on the trailer is more important and this hitch is only necessary/useful with a heavier trailer (rated for 10,000 LB and uses 2 5/16 ball with 2 1/4 shank, but has a ring that allows for a standard 2 inch). It does improve trailer handling immensely (night and day difference).

Side note: Aren't trucks designed with a solid rear axle to tow/haul and it is a bad idea to place weight on the front?
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts have you ever used the WD hitch? Sounds like you bought it and then used a different truck for the job.

Or did I read that incorrectly? If you never used it, how can you give an accurate review of it's performance?
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