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Weather Tech or Husky floor liners?

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So I'm tired of sopping wet carpet in the Fronty. I've narrowed my search for all weather floor liners down to the Weather-Tech extreme duty floor liners or Husky Liners. Which would you recommend?..and I'm going to do the fronts and the rear.
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I have the Weathertech liners and I wouldn't use anything else. They are essentially a "tray" with sides all around except the exit side. It would be almost impossible to get anything on your carpet.

Another reason I like them is they can't move around on you being that they are completely molded to the exact shape of the foot well.

Driving a manual transmission I can tell you other non form fitting mats will inevitably move around on me.

The Weathertechs are a bit pricey, but I'd buy them again in heartbeat.

Never had the Husky mats so I can't comment on them.

Here: you can kinda see them in the pictures.
I have the Husky liners and they're great. You can argue all day about whether Husky or Weathertech is better. Really, they are the 2 best products available and you'll be safe and happy w/ either choice.

Good luck w/ your decision.
You will be happy with either. I have both. I just prefer the Huskies for a truck, especially if yu will be tracking in dirt and mud.
i agree - i wouldn't want it going under my door and then freezing. i don't mind taking my mat up when its wet, moving it 5" and dumping it - cmon. how hard is that?
Whoa Whoa's almost MLK day! Peace Love Happiness :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:

Just kidding. I like the look of the Weather Techs and think I'm gonna go that route. I'll post pics when I get them.
Thanks for all the advice and the photos.


Ok I lied...after checking out there was over $20 difference and I liked the Husky Liner rear mat where the kids will be better so I just ordered my Tan Husky Liners front and rear.
I have the Husky liners and they're great. You can argue all day about whether Husky or Weathertech is better. Really, they are the 2 best products available and you'll be safe and happy w/ either choice.

Good luck w/ your decision.
X2, I've got Husky liners and in the front and they are awesome, and the Weathertech ones are great too. I do think that if you are going to do the back though you should only go with Husky.

edit - oops, looks like you've already come to the same conclusion.
I must have gotten a bad batch of OEM Nissan All-Season mats because when I pulled them out of the box I noticed a couple of places where the mats were thin. I held it up and could see light through them. The all-weathers in my wifes Acura are OEM and you could make 2 sets of Frontier mats out of one mat from hers. They are REALLY thick. Just from looking at the picks I should have gotten the Weather Techs.
all i ever get are huskys

mine in the frontier hold a ton of water.

i'd give fitment a B+
there's a bit of overlap where the dead pedal is
I got Husky Heavy duty and have had no problems with them and it's snowed several inches so far this year and the water hasn't leaked out of them yet. After looking at the pics I'd go with the weather techs though.
I have both.

The Husky Floorliners in my truck, and the Weather Techs in my CRV.

I would have gone with the Weather Techs in my truck if it weren't for the fact that they do not have a piece to go over the hump in the front of my truck. Overall, I'm satisfied with both, except that the husky has a hollow spot for the floor mat hooks and it's not cut through, so it's slightly tearing into that. But it does what the weather techs do.

If money weren't the object of your decision (I'm not sure of the price difference) I'd go with weather techs.

Infact, I ordered a set for my buddy about a month ago, and he loves it. I have yet to see how they fit in his truck (you'll have to note one or two posts for the OEM mats), but he likes em.
i had huskys in my old work truck and have to say i didnt like them. for some reason they slipped around a lot and were more of a PITA then anything. now i just get the big mats from wally world for 8 bucks each for the front and i dont remember what the rears were. but they work great for me.
The Husky's showed up today!

Got the Husky's today. I really am please with the way they fit in the truck. We'll see long term how it goes. Here's some pics:

The rear seats:

Driver's Side:

Passenger Side:

Thanks for all the input. The 2 deciding factors were ready the reviews here and online of people that had bought either kind of mats and the price difference.
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Looks good. The fit of the rear make me want to get the rear Huskys for my truck.
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