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Was your gas gauge malfunction covered under warranty or by a TSB with no charge?

Was your gas gauge malfunction covered under warranty?

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If you have had a faulty gas gauge was the repair covered under warranty or with a TSB without charge to you? Please give you model year and number of miles on your vehicle (approx.) when the gas gauge failed or malfunctioned. If you have had no problem with your gas gauge then do not vote in this poll.
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I've got an '06 and was around 32k when it failed.
Mine was repaired under warranty, but then the warranty repaired unit failed after perhaps six months! The failed unit is still installed. I hope the Dealer doesn't deny me a recall repair because they fixed it once under warranty.
06, mine failed around 50000 km and the dealer fixed it for free but made it sound like they were doing me a favor.
Brutusvk did his own replacement of the fuel sending unit at 55,000 miles at his own expense as the warranty had just expired on his truck, 05 Frontier.
I clicked yes because the first time at around 10,xxx it was replaced no problem. The dealer I went to for warranty is kick ***. The next times no, it came out of my pocket. Now it's time to call Nissan and see if they will send me a check for my receipts!
08 started right away, noticed it at about 400 miles "first tank lol" didnt have it replaced till 30k though lol, i just filled up when it hit 1/4 tank or 400 miles which ever came first lol
under warranty, no questions asked. I told them I ran out of gas because of it (which I did) and they changed it out while it was getting the oil changed.
My 05' SE failed after warranty around the same time as a friend of mine. If we were to take it in to be fixed it would have been around 400. We bought the gasket(18) and the sending unit(89.) and replaced ourselves. took one hour.
mine went out at 38k miles so it was not covered :censor:

i bought the new FSU from for about $50 and replaced it myself, took about 15 mins
mine went out 2 weeks ago at just under 80k. i have not yet done the repair, but the dealer says im not covered by the recall. i will sit on it for another few weeks to see if i can get them to pick up the tab before i do it myself in the parking lot.
call NNA steve, after the recall is out now, they should cover it.
ill look into that. its not a life or death thing today, so i can let it go for a bit if i have to.
2006 with about 50K miles. it was fixed under warranty
Went out at 37k Miles

new FSU from

Installed, works perfect
fuel sending unit failure

my 05 started failing at 45k. dealer told me they would fix it for $450. Not covered in the recall. pissed me off, i won't even buy the part from them, i'll find it somewhere else. Now i have to get an emissions test to renew my registration. I hope the disconnect then drive method clears the code.
just got a letter in the mail today from....


They are extending my warranty on the fuel gauge sending unit. I am now covered to 70 months / 72k miles. Affects "certain specific Model Year 2005-2008 Frontier vehicles"

Letter says if you had to pay for this repair you MAY be eligible for reimbursement.

I have not had any issues so far with my sending unit.

Posted letter HERE
Just had my sending unit go on my 05 XE with 75,000 miles. I never recieved a letter from Nissan about them extending the warranty. I called the dealership and they are willing to cover the cost of the parts but they want $291 to install the new unit. I am not happy about this.:thatswck:
Personally, mine just crapped out on the weekend, found a new one for 150cad, and it took me two hours to install. my tank registered half full but it was just above empty. just keep a jerry can in the truck, if you run out, get her home and do it yourself. its easier than looking at that damn service engine soon light.
I responded yes, HOWEVER, I had a non Nissan warranty that had a $75 deductible so I am out of pocket $75 to do the repair at around 40K miles.
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