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Okay, after 3 weeks of driving the new 06 Frontier Nismo truck. Mostly freeway miles of 17k+, I started noticing the steering getting really tight while or during a turn.

ie: doing a U-turn, the steering feels tight to turn like it is on 4WD (yes I have 4WD) and I double check the switch and it is still in 2WD mode and not in 4H. And the digital icon is not bliking whatsoever. So I drove the truck like this for about 5 days and finally had the guts to take it to the dealer I bought the truck for them to get it checked out.

I dropped it today and finally got a call and they said the "RACK & PINION" was tighter than the what is spec'ed. The guy also said they kept conatcing NISSAN for this problem.
So they fixed it, I believe under warranty.

I pick up my truck tonight when I get out of work.

Just FYI who had experienced this "STEERING ISSUES" in their brand new truck.
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