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Grand Strand Nissan Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Service mgr: John Clay worst service Mgr ever!!
Service writer: Terry J great person

Service experience: Worst service dept ever! :(

They could have killed me in my Titan because they could not diagnois rear end failure that Titans have!

They could have killed my wife in 08 Maxima 2 weeks ago because they would not replace defective tire which is under Continental warranty blew out and caused her to have an accident!

Another couple I heard about had there sun roof explode after the car had been serviced and had glass all over them and cuts from the glass all over their faces!!!!

Do not go there unless you have no other choice!

:thatswck: :thatswck: :thatswck: :thatswck:

In spite of piss poor support by dealer,and NissanUSA for not doing recalls

for known defects I love their products!
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shush ur makin my head hurt.:sign7::sign7::sign7::sign7:
Is that better?

I thought you the general public needed to be aware of these

crappy people.

Is that better?

I thought you the general public needed to be aware of these

crappy people.

being that you have already told us about the "crappy people" this is just a re-post.

also i think that you are over reacting, unfortunetly dealerships have no authority to warranty tires, that is between you and the tire manufacturer. as for my opinion on your titan axle, you were just unlucky, sh!t happens sometimes with vehicles, so just get over it.

being that myself and a lot of my friends are in the automotive repair industry i find it offensive that you are trying so very hard to ruin the buisness of that dealership, good, bad or indiferent no one should wish ill fate twards anothers career, but that is just my two cents on the issue there.
How can you make such comments with so little information.

You have only gotten the short story in my first post here is a bit more so you can understand why I am so pissed!

I was in and out of that dealer ship for 3 months complaining about a vibration in the drive line the 3rd month I installed bf goodrich ko's then they tried to blame it on the tires. The tires where the exact same size as factory, I needed the higher load range tire because of the trailer with 6k milling machine. after several more trips to the dealer I took my truck to the guy I bought the tires from because only minutes before I left the dealer and my truck was worse after they force balanced the tires. The guy I went to removed the tires and found all the tire had 1-1.5 to much weight on them. my truck was better after that but still had vibration. I imediately went back to nissan and let them drive the truck. They said the rest of the vibration was those aggressive tread pattern. So I returned back to my local guy. It put OEM factory Tires on and I still had vibration and it was no better than with the KO's. The next day went back Nissan and let them drive it they still blamed it on tires. I went to local guy he reinstalled the KO's.

The next day I had to travel from SC to OH 730 miles with my trailer with 7.5K on it.

I got to WV and I was running 65-70 speed limit.

Only by the grace of GOD and my good luck I pulled off the interstate less than .5 miles and the rear end let loose with and axle starting to come out. I put the truck in 4wd so I could get off of the service road and into a hotel parking lot. The next morning the local Nissan Dealer came and got my truck. I spent all day at the dealership.
The told me the shafts in that locker where too small for the torque of the truck and had been sheared off and damage all the gears. They first told me none on the east coast had to come from Cali. Then they found one in IL that would take 3 days to get.

Not all the story but enough so you can understand.

Dealer had worked on my truck before, Once again pulling my trailer loaded ready to get on the interstate her in SC.
I stop to top off my tank I put my turn signal on and it does not work. Pull in to fill up while the gas is pumping I walk around the truck to check lights cause I carry spare bulbs. Get to passenger rear and the tail light assembly is melted and ready to fall out,it melted the factory bed liner, and melted the gas strut for the tail gate. I could not get the truck into gear to get away from the gas pump because of all the damage from melted wiring. I had to trip the gear shift interlock using the hole provided next to shifter since it was an automatic. The dealer had pinched the wire harness above the rear tire.

The are several more issues I have had with the Titan and them.

There is also long story about the 08 MAX so it was not as simple as you think it is.

I had nothing to do with the other people with the sun roof but I found out about it because I happen to contact the same attorney as them.

I am tired of manufactures rolling the dice with known problems with their products. Instead of doing a recall such as timing chains,gas sending units,drive lines and other problems.

Do you not see they save money by only by fixing the ones that come in for repair and the rest of the people sometimes have the same failures but only when they are out of warranty and have to suffer the cost themselves.

That is just BS no matter how you say it.

I am complaining and WARNING other people that this place is incompetent!
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man thanks for the heads up. im definitely never going there. especially since i live in california hahaha.

on a serious note man. that really sucks. i love most of the nissan vehicles so it sucks when you got a crappy dealer.
if they suck so bad why did you keep going back? and why did you repost this? and dont you have something better to do?
As a South Carolinian, I appreciate dsent's post.
Im sorry to hear about all of that man!! I have been very fortunate with my Nissan dealer.....they have been awesome so far!!! Good luck with everything! I hope it works out for you.

They are my closest dealer, and I tried to give them the benfit of doubt because maybe who ever did the work was having a bad day or what ever.

Alec I do not understand why it is such a concern for you how I spend my time? I thought other people should know about their in competent service people.

After all look at the title of this section where this post is " Dealerships-the good and the bad" and you should have your answer.

MY next closet dealer is 35mile one way and the next is 60 mile one way.

This past Saturday my wife and I went to the dealer 35 miles away and drove new 2010 Murano LE AWD which we will probably be buying this week or next and getting rid of the 08 MAX.

While I was there I meet with the owner of that dealership

and told him about my concerns with NissanUSA and that I would be bringing him my 09 Frontier for the seat vibration problem,excessive play in the drive line.

I also told him my concerns with Nissan's policies about known problems.

He asked me why I came to his dealership from where I live and I said simply "incompetent service people".

His response was yes we have heard the same complaints from other people.

I love Nissan products look at my signature in all that I have owned!

I was a dodge guy from 1993-2004 because of my business and fleet pricing got tired of poor resale value and came back to Nissan when we bought our 04 Murano!
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