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Wanted Pro 4x or nismo suspension

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Looking for low mileage Pro 4x or nismo suspension. Need front coil overs complete and rear shocks. I will provide prepaid shipping label.
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I've got a set that I'm not using, that I intended to keep as back ups in case my radflo's took a dump on me.
The only thing is, they have the Fabtech 6" lift kit extension spacer/brackets on them.

I can send a pic when I get home.

To change them back to stock, the lower bushing will need to be pressed out of the Fabtech brackets, and back into the bottom eye of the stock bilstein coil-overs.

I took them off when I put my Rad-Flo's on, which was right about at 18,000 miles.
I found a set for the front just need the rears now.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts