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Want to go 4"

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I've read around a little on here, but thought I'd put up a thread as I searched. I've got a 4x4 2010 king cab and wanna go up 4". Can't use the shackles because of the 4wd, so what're my options? I've seen 3" and 5" kits. Are there any 4's out there that are kitted, or do you have to just put them together yourself? If so, what components have y'all used?
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3" is about the max you can go on a 4x4 without going to one of the drop bracket lift kits like Calmini or fabtech.

I went with a 3" spacer/shackle lift plus 2" body lift.
You pretty much have to choose between 3 and 5 inches. 3 is a lot simpler and less expensive. The 5 inch kits drop the front diff and control arm mounting points. The only 4 inch option is the CST spindles which are 2wd only. Why are you looking to go 4 inches? Plus or minus one inch is hardly noticeable.
They say you can get 4" with a Titan Swap.
3" lift and 33" will get you 4" overall
3" lift and 33" will get you 4" overall
Could just get a good 2" lift front coilovers with shackles or leafs or whatever, and because you're lifting with shocks you won't have to worry about upper coil contact as much, so you can spend upper arm money on a 2" body lift instead

I"m starting to think about doing a full titan swap myself, theres a used import parts place not far from home with a pile of titan axles front diffs, upper and lower arms, just would have to buy aftermarket coilovers and upper arms to get the best lift and travel possible
Here's 3" spacer/shackle lift, 2" body lift and 33's:

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Those are some meaty a$$ tires. I like the custom sliders too. Kinda hides the body lift.
i love the sliders....haven't had a chance to bang them up on anything yet, but they are stout. I jacked the truck up in the air with my hi-lift yesterday on each side by them and there is very minimal deflection, maybe 1/8" if I have the jack in a spot between the braces. They were built by shawnley1222.
With the 3", do you have to change out shocks or control arms? I've got a Daystar Shackle kit that I'm waiting to put on until I see what I'm gonna do.
Which would be more reliable between the 3 and 5. I don't know if reliable is the word, but most of my driving is on the street, and some off roading, it'll increase soon, does the 3" do well off road?
I didn't change control arms or shocks with my 3" lift. I do have control arm contact though, so aftermarket pieces would help that.
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