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yeah i know this is like the third thread for this.
ive been trying to sell this for some time, a guy offered me 1k and then never showed, ive been offered everything up to 1200 and no one will show up or call me back. i need to get rid of this to free up funds for my vk:)

500$ plus shipping.
500$ local pick up.

if you have any questions on the motor let me know.
i have an 4x4 ecu to go with it, and you can even have all the accessories.
it has 30k on it. its dirty and dusty. i dont have the right injectors for it.

oh and if i get my truck finished before this sells this offer is void.

and serious offers only guys. ive been holding it for the last couple weeks for someone that just called me yesterday and said he didnt really need it anymore.
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i had an email of a guy that said he could do me a crazy good deal on shipping a motor. but i lost touch with him since the guy that was going to buy it was going to pic it up also.

ill see if i can find it and get a rough estimate of what it might cost.
ha, yeah thats the guy i was talking about. i was just trying to find him.
he gives the best deal for sure.

62010 is my zip.
i wonder also.
ill go check..........
yeah, i moved the fenders over a smidge scooted back a tire, and covered the bedsides so they dont get scratched.

your good to go:)
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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