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VQ40 & YD25 bellhousing compatibility

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Just wondering if the gear box bellhousings for both the VQ40 and YD25 are the same.

Trying to see if i can snag a manual setup from a Frontier as the US is logistically cheaper for me.
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i seriously doubt it.
abroad 2.5 tdi engine 4cyl hooking up to a completely different style engine.
i have the diesel and for information sake i was wondering if the VQ shared the same bellhousing pattern as the VQ40 went to all the international markets so it would make sense to me that the D40 YD25DDTi had the same trans/w different bellhousing at the very least but hopefully the same trans/bellhousing.

If it's a case where i can use the manual transmission but need to buy the bellhousing alone then that is cheaper/easier to ship just that from UK or Austrailia and get the transmission/transfercase and driveshaft out of Florida
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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