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Hey guys and gals!!
I have a quick question. I have a 2007 Frontier that has 99,000 miles on it. Up to now no major issues thank god but recently I have noticed something a miss. When I drive around 40 miles per hour, I feel a vibration coming from the rear wheels and it goes away when I accelerate. When I put it on 4X4 it doesn't do it. What gives? has anybody experience this? Its not the tires I don't believe.
Your input will be greatly appreciated
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I would check all u joints first. Anything that rolls or rotates could be out of balance.
X2 Look at my post and get that crap fixed ASAP! You will be sad you didn't. I can say the same exact thing as you, on the highway the vibration went away.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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