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Vibrations or loss of power?

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I was looking at different threads to see if anyone else is having this problem but when I'm driving about 35-45 mph with my 05 Nismo and when it drops into low RPM's i get this vibration like the motor is lacking power. It goes away when I accelerate or take the OD off. I'm thinking it transmission problems or maybe one of the plugs is not firing correctly. What else could it be? I love the truck but I'm getting tired of having to replace everything that we talk about on the thread. I only have 55,000 so I'm just waiting to have a timing belt issue. :crikey:
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That is the speed in which the trans allows OD to work. Then you have the TQ converter locking up. In the end it is normal to Nissan but stupid. Your only solution is to turn OD off for a little bit until you are on a slower/faster road.
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