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Hello all:

Posting on theFrontier forum vs. Equartor thread since it may be of interest to all.

I have a 2012 Equator (4WD Crew Cab LB) I purchased in late 2015 with about 56K, and am the third owner. I drove it problem free until 11/16 when, with 70K on the odometer I brought it in for a Maine state safety inspection at the local Meineke. Imagine my surprise when the technician called me in to show me a chewed up seal around the carrier bearing. He said he could not pass the vehicle like this since if the bearing seized it could cause a loss of control of the vehicle. He also noted the rear transmission seal had a slight leak, likely the result of vibration from the failing carrier bearing. The funny thing is there were no symptoms, the truck drove fine. He was going to write up a quote but I recalled the vehicle has a 7 year 100K powertrain warranty from Suzuki, even though they no longer sell vehicles in the US.

I brought it in to the old Suzuki dealer (now selling Mazda but still doing warranty work). They concurred with what Meineke shop said and also found a valve cover gasket leaking. Good news, all covered under powertrain warranty, bad news, some parts backordered.
Six weeks later all the parts were in. I brought the truck in and while the work was being done had the spark plugs replaced. They gave me a break on the labor since they would have to take the manifold off while replacing the valve cover gaskets. I picked up the truck and pretty quickly noticed a vibration at around 30 mph that wasn’t there before. I called the dealer and made an appointment to check it out. This time they said the drive shaft was the culprit. It was backordered too, but 10 days later they installed it, (along with new u-joints). Cost was $450 for first trip and $975 for drive shaft and u-joints, all covered under the powertrain warranty.
Truck drives perfect now, maybe better than before.

So two things:

If you have an Equator don’t forget about that powertrain warranty. I still have over two years/28K left on mine, even as the third owner.

If you are looking for a used Frontier and can live with the looks of the Equator (not judging one way or the other) you may want to search for an Equator too. In addition to the better warranty their book value is way less than for a Frontier, because Suzuki no longer sells in the US. I bought mine for $15K, at least 7K less than a similar Frontier would have gone for at the time.

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Congrats on proactively taking care your issues using the factory warranty. Hopefully they used the 105K miles iridium spark plugs for the long term.
While I most certainly appreciate the visual appeal of Equators along w/ our Frontiers, I was stopped dead in my tracks when it was pointed out how challenging it might be to repair the Suzuki's front grill due to parts availability. Guessing, but not sure how many other areas may be purely Equator such as the tailgate & rear design/parts/tailights/etc...
Enjoy your rig for a LONG time!
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