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Vibration at speed

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Hi all,

I have a question. I have a pretty decent vibration at 55 & 70MPH. I just had my tires rotated/balanced last week. The vibration was origionally coming from the passenger side front and now seems to be coming from the passanger side rear (b/c of the tire rotation). The tires are Firestone Destination A/T's. The passenger rear tire looks and feels fine.

Any ideas on what could be causing the vibration???


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Could it be possible that the tire itself is a broken belt?
That is possible, unlikely, but possible. I know I had to have my BFG A/T's balanced three times to get the shake out of them. Similar speeds as you too. My money's on the balance. Also, make sure you're at the correct tire pressure. The combination of too much air and an out of balance wheel was making my truck go all over the place.
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