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So over the last 4 years I've slowly whittled away at the list of stuff I wanna do to the truck, but I've recently been rebitten by the mod bug, so things might start picking back up.

Username: Vet Tanker
Year: 2012
Make: Nissan
Model: Frontier CC shortbed
Trim: S 4x4
Color: Black
Mods:front wheel wells trimmed out to accommodate larger tires and new wheels


Exterior: Vision camper shell


Suspension & Tires: Rancho shocks, BF Goodrich All Terrain T/A 285/75R16 on MB Wheels TKO wheels, 2.5" front/1.5" rear leveling kit

Armor: Calmini front winch bumper with radiator skid plate

Performance: Snorkel

Gear and Other: Desert Rat winch, Hi-Lift jack with assorted accessories, tow strap

In Progress:
Waiting to be installed: Cobra CB radio, 12 pin military trailer plug (waiting on a bracket in the mail)

In the planning stages: roof cargo rack, rock sliders, rear bumper (torn between plate or tube), missing skid plates, larger fuel tank, additional leaf spring, sway bar disconnects, superchip, off-road lighting, tow mirrors, on board air compressor

Somehow my phone managed to dump all my good, outdoor pics of my truck :(


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Looks great but I'd be concerned about those items blocking direct air flow.

Best I can tell, they haven't made for any issues yet.

Finally got around to mounting the snorkel that's been sitting in the house for a cpl weeks now. Score one for shopping Navara parts on eBay. Template was a tad off on the bolt holes, but nothing that couldn't be corrected for.

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