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VDC off and SLIP light remain illuminated

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My name is Rick. I purchased a 2010 Frontier SE 4X4 last year and I have joined this forum to discuss a small problem I am having with my truck.
My VDC off and SLIP light are remaining illuminated on my dashboard. The problem was intermittant at first and would reset when I shut off the truck and restarted it. Eventually the lights stayed on and would not go away. I took it to the dealer and he said it was a loose battery terminal and that they had reset things. The problem came back a couple of weeks later. Again intermittant and now lights are on full time. Anyone with ideas. I have checked the battery terminals and the posts are tight and clean.
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I don't know how old the battery is but it is a Kirkland Signature - Costco battery, so I know it is not original. The voltage before I start the truck is 12.2 volts. After starting the voltage jumps to 14.5 volts. Within a minute the voltage lowered to 12.9 volts and I have measured it as low as 12.5 volts while the engine is running. I notice that the volt meter on the dash will go up and down while driving. I noticed that the vdc off and slip light illuminated while at the lower reading but does not go off when the voltage rises.
Just tried the cruise control and it works fine. Should I still be looking at the clock spring module?
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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