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VDC ???? 05 trucks

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I would like to know if anyone has the "VDC Off" switch on there 05 truck. If so then what model truck and options. I saw a picture in the 2005 frontier brochure on the page titled "frontier Interior" It looks like it is on a nismo 05 4x4 crew cab with automatic and no traction package. But if anyone has more info that would be great. Thanks.
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thanks. traction package info.

Thanks for the information that helps alot. I got everything except the traction package. They didn't have any in my area. I was lucky to find just the nismo in 4x4 here alot of them come in just 4x2 prerunner style. I am trying to figure out a way to put this traction package in my nismo truck. I have found out that all the plugs and wires are behind the blank panels next to the 4wd and diff lock switch so I will have to do some more research on this. I am going to go to the dealer and ask to use there electrical wiring diagrams and trouble shooting manual. If there is anyone else that has any information on the traction package wiring or computer that would be very helpful. Thanks to all in advance.

I didn't get the traction package from the dealer because I got my truck for $200 below invoice and they would only sell the trucks that they had on the lot for that price. Also I couldn't wait, for the 2-3 months that they quoted me, that is a long time to have no car. I will definitley do a write up on this if it works an what I find out.

I have found out the answer to adding the traction package.
The non-traction package frontiers w/ABLS needs to add the following
1. Steering wheel input sensor
2. Yaw/G-sensor
3. New Gauge Instrument cluster
4. Both VDC OFF and HDC Switches
5. ABS W/HDC Computer
6. Rear ABS Pressure Sensor
7. Most Important and hardest to add Active Brake Booster
8. Since our trucks have a multiplex control system Called CAN then we dont know if you would have to replace most of the on board computers since they all talk with each other and if they notice something worng or not supposed to be there then it will trigger malfunction lights.
So the verdict is that It will not be something people could add by themselves. It has to be ordered with the truck. Unless you feel like doing some extensive modification to the truck and wiring systems. Thanks for everyones help with this.
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