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VDC ???? 05 trucks

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I would like to know if anyone has the "VDC Off" switch on there 05 truck. If so then what model truck and options. I saw a picture in the 2005 frontier brochure on the page titled "frontier Interior" It looks like it is on a nismo 05 4x4 crew cab with automatic and no traction package. But if anyone has more info that would be great. Thanks.
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I have VDC option....

I have a Nismo Kingcab 4x4 w/the nismo/le audio package,and traction package.
Traction pakage is only avail on Auto tranny models.
Traction package adds:
VDC Vehicle Dynamic Control (limits engine power when loss of traction is sensed).It works great,IMO,and can be turned off with the button you asked about.When turned off full power is available regardless of traction 8O Very fun on a dirt road 8) .With it on ,from a dead stop,on dirt,the tire will just start to break loose and the traction control kicks in.It is not real intrusive,but does take some getting used to.

HDC Hill Decent control (engine braking,automatic braking on steep hills)Supposed to allow the driver to concentrate on steering ...Haven't tried it yet.

HSA Hill Start Assist (applies brakes on a hill while the driver takes their foot off the braketo move to the gas pedal) I hope this will be helpful on a steep boat ramp...Haven't tried it yet.

Hope this helps....
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