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When I decided on a Frontier I was busy with some family matters and decided not to shop around too much. Went to my local dealer in High Point, NC and told them what I wanted - Frontier, V6, Auto, SV. They said I had to get the Value Truck Package as well as nobody ordered them without that. I doubted it, but since it came with the class 4 hitch, spray in bedliner and bed extended, I figured it would be okay.

They quoted me a price that I thought was a bit high so I looked online at a dealer about 20 miles away. They had about 15 of the very model I wanted, all the same color and appointments. Their price was a little better.

Before I went over there, the local dealer called and asked if there was anything they could do to "earn my business." I told them that if they could acquire the truck from the next dealer over, at anything even close to that dealer's price, I'd buy local. They agreed and priced the truck about $200 under what that dealer was offering. I agreed.

The next morning I went in to sign the papers and write the check. They took some time to "acquire" the vehicle and then sent me back to the finance department to write the check. Just before I did, I asked for the VIN of the truck they had acquired to make sure they, in fact, got the right truck. That's when the himming and hawwing began. They kept telling me what the truck they had gotten me had on it, but refused to give me a VIN number. The salesman came back in and said they were going to do the hitch install there as well as spray in a bedliner. So it would be the same truck that I wanted. I said that the Value Truck Package was an $1800 option, was factory installed and had some other items as well. He said that since they were a dealer, everything they did was considered "factory installed."

Long story short, they pulled a bait and switch. They found a truck without the Value Truck Package and attempted to pad their pockets by adding the hitch and bedliner and thinking I wouldn't be any wiser. No telling how many people they do this too. No wonder they could offer a little better price - it was an $1800 cheaper truck to begin with.

I told them I was not buying the truck and asked for my paperwork back and left. Went home, called the AAA new vehicle buying service and told them to get me the truck. They did. Saved me more dollars, delivered the truck to my driveway, did all the paperwork. I wrote one check for everything and got my tag and registration in the mail just today. Easy as could be.

So, high marks for Triple A, lowest possible marks for Vann York Nissan.
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