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Valve Adjustment KA24DE

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My 98 Frontier with 165,000 digested its lower timing chain guide and tensioner. All of the intake valves hit pistons and new aftermarket intakes have been installed. The exhaust valves were reseated along with the intakes, the head re assembled on the bench. The exhaust valve clearances ranged from .010-.012. My plan is to get these into spec by lapping the shims on a diamond hone to bring them all to about .013-.014.

The new intakes ranged from .023-.033 I am considering re-lapping the ones that are the furthest out, but even with that I will need shims. The shims I need used to be available and there is a website that lists exactly what I need but I think is in Austrailia. I would like to get this motor back together and may try to contact this company (MD Spares) unless there is still a US source. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Just wanted to add, I ordered the shims from the Austrailian site and with the currency excahnge, 8 shims of the correct size were less than 60.00 with shipping. I just hope they get here quick.
Still waiting for the shims. I expect they will be here soon as I received notification last week they had cleared customs. Meanwhile, I was able to set all the exhaust valves close to .014 by making an aluminum collett to hold them, and taking light cuts with a sharp carbide cutter, then lapping. Making a toolpost grinder with a die grinder was also considered, but this worked. I also found VW shims from the 80's can be had in 31mm diameter, so if I ever do another, I would seriously give them a close look.


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Just to follow up, I got it back up and running. I don't think it ever ran as quiet and smooth. New antifreeze and sythetic oil.

Now I'm working on rear axle problems. There was old caked on diff fluid around the driver side backing plate and leaf spring, so I cleaned everythin, pulled the axle and replaced both seals. I've only driven it to move it around, and now new diif. oil is wetting the leaf and dripping. I suspect the axle tube has a crack and will start another thread when I dig into it.
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