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Utilli Trac system

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Can the Utilli Trac be used to hold a 300lb motorcycle? The tie down system seems a little lite duty.
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Each cleat will hold 200 pounds so as long as you are using 4 cleats, you should be good with a large safety factor.

Just don't jump the truck while it is back there.
Can the Utilli Trac be used to hold a 300lb motorcycle? The tie down system seems a little lite duty.
Really? It seems lite duty? I can only go from personal experience but I would have to say it can easily handle the motorcycle. I just hauled a 250lb upright freezer. Now, I'm a little paranoid with hauling items. So I had no less than 6 ratchet straps running around and over the freezer to 6 serpate cleats. And the freezer didn't move at all even at highway speeds. Anyway, my $0.02. Hope that helps!
That's good to hear 200lbs each. My old truck I used three tie downs for extra security. Thanks for the info.
Just remember that you should not overload the rails themselves. I would try and run the cleats from the rear of the bed and the base of the bed instead of the sides.

Also, the Frontier has metal bed sides unlike the plastic ones on the Tacoma so you don't have to worry about strength as much.
Can the Utilli Trac be used to hold a 300lb motorcycle? The tie down system seems a little lite duty.
The bike is standing on the bed so the straps are holding it in place not holding the bikes weight. What's most important is the that tires can't move sideways. Ever notice when construction equiptment is on a trailer they criss cross the chains and not attach it to the side it's hooked to?

It's fine... As said above, the strap(s) are just balancing the bike, leave it in gear, put little load to compress the suspension.. Done.

^a bar harness makes quick work of it too.
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No Prob

No Problem even bouncing around off road.
Yup, I've hauled a few bikes (Aprilia Falco, Yamaha R1, Kawi 636) which are all around 400+/- lbs. I use a canyon dancer (Canyon Dancer Inc.) and tie to the sides of the bed as far forward as possible not the floor of the bed. If you tie to the floor it's not enough of an angle and will not be as sturdy. I also use 2 tie downs in the rear and just go at a slight downward angle straight out to the sides. Super sturdy in this configuration. Make sure the tie downs are tight enough but don't crank down on them like a gorilla.
Yeah when the OP said "Light Duty" he must have meant Tacoma. Those plastic cleats can't hold groceries bags in place. I once saw a guy with a brand new Tacoma and his brand new quad sitting upside down in the middle of the road. I even drove up in my Frontier and offered to help, he told me he had it under control and a tow truck coming.

Anyway to the OP, the tie down system in the Frontier is capable of holding Hover Dam in place. Put whatever you want back there, tie it down, move it and be done with it.
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