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utilitrack divider keeps racking

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Im trying to build a rolling tray to mount into the utilitrack. Ultimately it looked better to scavenge parts from the bed divider that came with the truck. why does it keep racking when you try and move it? ive looked at everything so much so the answer is right in front of me but for some reason i feel like the tolerance on the rollers is off... any advice/input greatly appreciated.
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something like this?
more storage - TTORA Forum

Need better wheels. Track wheels with roller bearings may help.
well kind of, at least the part about using the utili track to mount the tray to. my needs are smaller and "in the bed" as I have a cap on my frontier. I have been grimmacing accepting the fact im gonna need some machined wheels or bearings to make this idea go. there is a tray for sale im assuming by nissan, that like 180 bucks or so. its plastic craptastic, and i wonder if it will bind and pinch the way the other nissan parts for utilitrack do.
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