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Utili Track - where are the goodies

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Okay, so I wanted the utili track so I can adjust the tie downs anywhere I need. I got the Frontier to haul my Yamah Raptor ATV and it fits in nicely with the tail down. Anyway I was browsing a bit I am anxious to see what kinda goodies I can get for the Utili track. Anyone know of any companies coming out with Utili track stuff. I figure since both the Titan and Frontier have it there's gonna be stuff coming.

Drop me some link if you know of things, I like accessories and the utilitrack takes out the permanent nature of those. Thanks
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Re: Home made utili-trac...

StormNISMO said:
NissanConvert said:
Here's a link to a Titan forum. This guy found some cool nuts at Home Depot to mount his bike mount to his utili-trac. I might try this out too.
I did this with Yakima Blockheads (which are $20 a piece). I went to Home Depot and bought some misc. 1/4" bolts/washers(approx $4) to attach to the utili-track and it works great and is very sturdy. Also Yakima makes locking Blockheads($40 a piece) which have locking rim skewers instead of the regular ones. Just a little added security!!
stormNismo, do you know if they make blockheads for a 20mm bolt thru axle?
ive heard of hurricane...they have the Fork up..for 20mm and lefty...hope they could come up with something lockable though.

for me it really depends on what you do with your bike...i have Hadley's on mine.
if you would be too much weight.freeride or DH..yeah! btw, were about the same weight.

rims and hubs? PM sunrims s -type
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