Semi-refurbished set of Automotive Customizers ( upper control arms for 98-04 Frontiers with 4wd frames (i.e., all 4wd trucks, all Desert Runners, and all Crew Cabs; will not work with 4-cyl 2wd models). Also fits all 1st Gen Xterras 00-04 if any of you guys are floating around here or know a guy.

By "semi-refurbished" I mean these need a paint job or powder coat and they're ready to go. The old finish had flaked away, so I stripped and wire cupped everything I could. Would need a media blasting to get some crevices if powder coating, but otherwise primer and paint would do well. Zerk fitting holes re-tapped.

Includes new Fabtech bushing kit (bushings, sleeves, grease packets), new ball joints, and used (but cleaned) zerk fittings. These are the correct bushings to use, as the ones originally supplied by AC are too wide and damage the alignment/camber bolts.

$300 shipped (USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail). New sets from AC are $445 plus shipping ($ to $$$) and are made-to-order. These are already boxed up and ready to go. PayPal, Zelle, and Venmo accepted.

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