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USB music

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Hey guys I just put all my music on a flash drive the other day so I could use that rather than my iPod and I've had a few quirks happen already. I'm curious if y'all have too and if so if you found a fix for them. Here's what I've noticed so far...

First off, it seems almost like some songs skip like a scratched cd. These are MP3 files and I didn't have issues with them before so I'm not sure what's causing it. It does seem to be more frequent when I first start listening to anything and less frequent the longer I had it playing. It's random too. Not always on the same song or part so I know it's not the file itself.

Second, today I was listening to a couple albums. I guess I had it playing all albums because I could skip songs in one and move into the next on the list but when I got back in the truck to go home it jumped from g to w and when I tried to get back to my original album I now had a duplicate of each song in the album that wasn't there earlier in the day.

Also I did not have the random setting selected so it should've played them all in order.

Third, when I went back and found the album, after disconnecting and reconnecting the usb drive, it was back to one copy of each song but now only would play through that album rather than moving to the next on the list as I went through the songs.

Lastly, on a positive note I did notice that skipping through songs seemed to be quicker using the drive vs the iPod. The iPod would take a moment after skipping to actually advance.

Thanks guys for any ideas/advice.
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I have come to the conclusion that the factory head units are seriously lame with regard to USB playback. You are better off to get some external player and run it through the AUX input.

1) They will only recognize about 6 or 7 thousand songs.
2) No play lists.
3) Playback sequence is the order that songs are listed in the FAT file system tables. This is NOT the same as sorted order. You have to get a special utility (alluded to in a previous comment) which will sort the FAT directory tables.
4) No playback of anything but WAV and MP3. No FLAC or OGG or M4A, for example.
5) I suspect the maximum file system size is 64gb.
6) Navigation controls are near impossible to use while driving.

My 12 year old, $50 Sansa Clip+ is a FAR better player.
An aftermarket head unit is certainly an option. Not for me, though! By the time I spend $1000 on a head unit, several hundred more dollars on adapters, a couple of days to tear apart the dashboard to install it, several more days and two bald spots trying to fix problems with the rear view camera and CANBUS ...

A $50 Sansa Clip+ running Rockbox is quicker, cheaper and faster.

I have an Android music player (FIIO) and am not very happy with it. It takes close to two minutes to boot up to where it can play something. The Sansa takes almost 5 seconds to boot.

Bill Gee
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1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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