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USB music

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Hey guys I just put all my music on a flash drive the other day so I could use that rather than my iPod and I've had a few quirks happen already. I'm curious if y'all have too and if so if you found a fix for them. Here's what I've noticed so far...

First off, it seems almost like some songs skip like a scratched cd. These are MP3 files and I didn't have issues with them before so I'm not sure what's causing it. It does seem to be more frequent when I first start listening to anything and less frequent the longer I had it playing. It's random too. Not always on the same song or part so I know it's not the file itself.

Second, today I was listening to a couple albums. I guess I had it playing all albums because I could skip songs in one and move into the next on the list but when I got back in the truck to go home it jumped from g to w and when I tried to get back to my original album I now had a duplicate of each song in the album that wasn't there earlier in the day.

Also I did not have the random setting selected so it should've played them all in order.

Third, when I went back and found the album, after disconnecting and reconnecting the usb drive, it was back to one copy of each song but now only would play through that album rather than moving to the next on the list as I went through the songs.

Lastly, on a positive note I did notice that skipping through songs seemed to be quicker using the drive vs the iPod. The iPod would take a moment after skipping to actually advance.

Thanks guys for any ideas/advice.
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There is very little in the owners manual about USB drives so I have been learning by trial and error. I have a Mac and all my music was m4a for itunes and my ipod. The Frontier will not play m4a unless it is on an ipod, it will not play them from a USB. I let Apple Music convert all my music to mp3, it will only convert them to 192kbps. If you want the 320kbps, you have to use another program like audacity and that is a song by song conversion, I don't have that kind of time (I do but I'd rather take a nap). I use the scandisk cruiser fit in both 64GB and 32 GB size, both way bigger than necessary. These are the tiny drives that only stick out about a 1/4" so they blend in with the dash.

I made folders for playlists instead of for albums or genres. To each his own. With the USB on, I found that I can touch the USB Menu button on the upper left hand corner of the screen. Then touch the folder list button in the same location. Now I can select the folder (playlist) that I want. When I touch on the top song, it starts to play and it goes back to the main screen. This is where I had the biggest issues. I want the playlist to shuffle the songs so I touch the shuffle button, what I didn't notice is that under the shuffle button, it will say either "all" or "1 folder". All comes up the first time you touch this button and that causes the system to shuffle through all the folders. You have to touch it a second time so that it says "1 folder" under the shuffle icon for it to stay in that folder.

I haven't tried sub folders yet so I don't know if they will work.
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