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Whos got it? what version do you have? Anyone with the osiris tuner? does it come with preset maps like the osiris standard does? i have a k&n cai, about to put dt long tubes and true duals with 2 flowmaster 40s and im trying to decide if its worth it to spend the extra 200 for the tuner edition. i dont have experience with tuning so thats why i was wondering if it still comes with preset maps, then i could tweak from there.
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Since you are doing the DT LTs, you should invest in UpRev. I would get the Cipher/Osirus edition that allows you to do your own tuning. This way you can tune it yourself if you find that you need to instead of doing the eTunes at 50 a pop.

UpRev will hook you up with a base tune for your truck and will help tweak it in the beginning. Then if you start to play with the exhaust or intake or CAMs or etc.... you with have to pay for eTunes or tune it yourself or have a local dyno do it for you.

All the other handheld tuners are not built for headers and I am not sure how they will cope. On the Titan boards they have some members with LTs and handhelds and it works but I think the handheld is at its limits and if they do anything else, it will just pop codes for running lean which is a bad thing.
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