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Uprev here.

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WoooHooo. Finally got my Uprev. And right away I realized how computer challenged I really am! Almost to the point where I feel I may never figure this thing out, haha. I can't even get the thing to start doin it's thing. So gona hope the guys at Uprev are really patient and can get me through it when I call. Of course I can't remember what it said in the big, bold, red, error message after I "Load" my tune and then tried to "Reflash". I think it had to do with Cable ID or something??? But of course when I went back to try it again to see what that red message was, my battery voltage was just under 12v so Osiris wouldn't even try again. I really wish I knew more about computers. And I haven't even got past uploading it yet. LOL Guess it's battery charger and a long distance phone call to Uprev for me tomorrow. Guess im just ranting?!?!?! Comments/advice always welcome.:comphead:
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Still JACK FU(KIN SH!T. Did anyone else out there with uprev have this much trouble with a) the product b) getting tech support? I realize their probably a decent size company but really, how many nissan people realisticaly have this thing. Can't be that many or it would be more popular than the handhelds!! So why is it they can't phone me back to deal with my tech issues instead of emailing. I call with a problem, no answer. So I email, if im lucky if he gets back to me at the end of his business day by email, but does not phone back even if I leave a message!! It's like he waits til the end of his day so he can just be like, "oh my days over, if he has any more questions i'll deal him tomorrow."!! Or that's what its starting to seem like!! I email with question, wait all day and usually get answer back at like 7:30 or later with a new trouble shooting solution... I try it and literally get back to him within 30 minutes after I have received his email, tried to get it going and failed, yet I still get no reply back til the end of the next day.

OK. AM I RETARDED. Am I over reacting? This has been 9 days i've had this thing, have tried to get it going every day that Uprev gives me something to try. And it still won't go. Considering I've only gotten 2 maybe 3 trouble shooting tips from them over the past 9 days, and they have never given me more than one tip per day to try, that leaves me with 6 days of being able to try nothing because they wont even respond. Sorry 5 days, it was the weekend, but he got back to me on saturday.

Uprev is actually a pretty small, but very busy company. I've done alot of business with them. Visited them countless times. I've always had great luck with them. But because they are a small busy company, sometimes its difficult for them to keep up with all the emails, messages, etc. sometimes. But they are a good group of guys there. They will take care of you.
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