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Uprev here.

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WoooHooo. Finally got my Uprev. And right away I realized how computer challenged I really am! Almost to the point where I feel I may never figure this thing out, haha. I can't even get the thing to start doin it's thing. So gona hope the guys at Uprev are really patient and can get me through it when I call. Of course I can't remember what it said in the big, bold, red, error message after I "Load" my tune and then tried to "Reflash". I think it had to do with Cable ID or something??? But of course when I went back to try it again to see what that red message was, my battery voltage was just under 12v so Osiris wouldn't even try again. I really wish I knew more about computers. And I haven't even got past uploading it yet. LOL Guess it's battery charger and a long distance phone call to Uprev for me tomorrow. Guess im just ranting?!?!?! Comments/advice always welcome.:comphead:
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OK. So put the charger on er for a while. Tried the uplaod process againg and the message in big bold red lettering is CABLE LICENSE ERROR OR INCOMPATIBLE ROM. By chance anyone out there that nows what that means, or what im doing wrong, or not doing?

OK. Put the charger on for a while. Tried upload again. Nothing. Meassage i get in big bold red letters after I click LOAD says, CABLE LICENSE ERROR OR INCOMPATIBLE ROM. Any one out there by chance happen to know what this means???
Alright, so emailed uprev. Seems thats the quickest way to get an answer. It would seem that they sent me the wrong ROM tune. The numbers on my tune didn't match the number on my ECU as it should. So I assume thats the issue, just waiting to hear back from Jared at Uprev. Thanks for helping guys.
UPDATE: WOW, I hate my luck. Maybe im just not meant to drive this thing. Finally got the "proper" ROM on friday evening, was a couple day wait from Uprev. Was happy as could be cause he even gave me an explanation as to why it did not work first time round. But...of course...I hook this baby up, get it to actually LOAD the proper ROM, get it to actually FLASH ECU, then it tells me to turn key off and wait for message to turn key back on, and then nothing!!!!!! The fu(king thing just sits there, likes it's frozen on the TURN KEY BACK ON message. I don't know, im really getting sick of this thing already. Had it since monday, not easy getting ahold of the Uprev guys if need help, still having issues, and now im likely gona have to wait til monday to get a response for new advice. Maybe im seriously in over my head with this thing? I feel like even if I do manage to get it working, im gona accidentally blow my truck up again doing something wrong with it. This week has made me feel like a computer genuis(exagerating to the fullest), then 2 seconds later, WHAMM, im the most computer challenged person on the planet!! :comphead:

Just venting I guess. Sorry it wasn't as exciting a post as you were hoping for, but maybe one day soon i'll be able to post something good about this "awesome tuner" that lots of guys rave about.
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Still JACK FU(KIN SH!T. Did anyone else out there with uprev have this much trouble with a) the product b) getting tech support? I realize their probably a decent size company but really, how many nissan people realisticaly have this thing. Can't be that many or it would be more popular than the handhelds!! So why is it they can't phone me back to deal with my tech issues instead of emailing. I call with a problem, no answer. So I email, if im lucky if he gets back to me at the end of his business day by email, but does not phone back even if I leave a message!! It's like he waits til the end of his day so he can just be like, "oh my days over, if he has any more questions i'll deal him tomorrow."!! Or that's what its starting to seem like!! I email with question, wait all day and usually get answer back at like 7:30 or later with a new trouble shooting solution... I try it and literally get back to him within 30 minutes after I have received his email, tried to get it going and failed, yet I still get no reply back til the end of the next day.

OK. AM I RETARDED. Am I over reacting? This has been 9 days i've had this thing, have tried to get it going every day that Uprev gives me something to try. And it still won't go. Considering I've only gotten 2 maybe 3 trouble shooting tips from them over the past 9 days, and they have never given me more than one tip per day to try, that leaves me with 6 days of being able to try nothing because they wont even respond. Sorry 5 days, it was the weekend, but he got back to me on saturday.

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Just gona make another note. I am just really anxious to have my truck going. Some here may know my story, Long made short, blew up truck about 5 months ago, it is/was my daily driver. Just got it going about 2 weeks ago, and am just waiting to get Uprev going to have her back on the road. This is the reason for my negativity. It's not all Uprev's fault, however, the lack of communication is adding to my situation.

So again, I know they are a good company, and most have great sucess with them. It's mostly just my impatient *** getting all worked up. So my appologise for acting like a ranting fool.

Shinermiller, the voice of reason, lol. And to think I just gave the same speech Shinermiller just gave to me ^^^ about Uprev, to Jordo about his post on PRG.
I now hang my head in shame. I know they're a small business. I know they're probably busy. And when he does answer me he never has come off as an *** or anything. I just wish that it was easier to get ahold of them on the phone. Aside from that it is mostly just me getting really stupidly anxious to have my truck going again. 5 months ago it died in stock form, in its rebirth it got new headers, Uprev (sticker hasn't gone on window yet cuz I technicaly aint got it) and soon an intake. Got new goodies and I have only had it running for like 25 minutes before it threw codes for my cats. So I just parked it again for another 2 and a half weeks while I wait to get Uprev'd.
SUPER DUPER PUMPED, it's killing me.

So im sorry if I upset anyone. I feel like a winer now (not weiner like hot dog, well ok weiner too).
RCR: Hey man. I actually ended up getting ahold of Uprev the same day I made that last post. Basically my story now is: -Got ahold of them, -they told me what to do to get it going, -didn't work, -my ECU crashed, -Osiris could not recover it, -so I had to ship them my ECU so they can physically crack it open and connect to the debug port! Of course shipping it out was on my dime. But they said the day they get it, they will get it sorted out and have it overnighted back to me the same day. So, that was last friday I sent it out, should be there sometime this week I hope. Fedex said by end of 4th business day, but you guys had a long weekend just pass so who knows. All I can do is wait now, a hope to fu(k this thing works when I get it back.

Sh!t. At this rate I will probabaly have my lift on that I ordered like 2 weeks ago from PRG before I even get my truck running again.
Oh yeah. Don't get me wrong, people have already. I have no doubt Uprev will get me goin again. Even when I do get some kind of comunication from them it is always professional and polite, and definetly does not sound like some dumb schmuck with this stuff. It just sucks on my end. LOL.
RCR: Yeah, my ECU # was the start of my issues. First problem I had reflashing was that my ECU part number was some kind of Nissan factory re-write!?!? Uprev said it should've worked. Then got back to me a couple days later, Sent me a new ROM to upload to the truck. Upload worked, but then Osiris just froze up. Uprev then told me to just hook Osiris back up and just leave it and it will recover the crashed ECU, very rarely can it not recover the ECU. Well my luck was on the rare side I guess.

Side note: I just can't seem to catch a break. Just got my ECU back. Seemed kinda quick. Opened box, it looked exactly as I had shipped it. Apperently it got to the border, and Customs being douche bags, and Fedex being retards, sent the thing back to me. Some bullsh!t about taxes and Tariffs needing to be paid!! I specifically told Fedex it was a used part that was going in for repair, so as to make sure I didn't get dinged at the border.

Don't care who gets upset with what I say. Im fed up. Uprev's customer service is a joke. It may not be, if you have plans on going down to their shop to get tuned, but otherwise my experience has been embarrassing. I finally got my crashed ECU to them, they debugged it and sent it back very timely. I actually received it 2 days before I even thought they would get it. That's where the good news ends pretty much. When I got it back I was suprised to see that there was absolutely no information with it, no note, no record of what was done, nothing. For all I know they did nothing to it. Well seeing as how I told Uprev numerous times in my ordeal that im pretty much useless when it comes to computers, he sure has not been overly helpful. So... since there were no notes/instructions left for me when I got it back, I felt pretty left in the dark as what to do. So, I proceeded to go about trying to figure it out for myself. Well fu(k me running if I didn't crash that b!tch again. Got it hooked up, it found my ECU, noticed it said something like "stock reflash", so thinking I still had to load my Tuned ROM, I did so. Wrong. After it all froze up again, I emailed Uprev twice, and phoned twice, and left a message once. AGAIN, nobody phones me back. Instead I get an email with 2 new ROM's attached. WTF! He then tells me that I did not need to reflash my ECU, and it should have worked right off the hop, and that the previous ROM's that I had were what caused my ECU to crash in the first place. Some kind of glitch in the ROM.

So, to sum up. If uprev would have just taken an extra 2 minutes to write me a note or some damn instructions to send with my ECU, I probably would not be in this situation right now! Pretty slack if you ask me. I've made it very clear that I am horrible with computers and have obviously been needing a little extra help, and as of yet I find it still lacking. So now I have to pay another $60 for the third time now to get this ECU shipped out to get debugged, all because they couldn't give me 30 seconds worth of info with the return of my ECU. Once was my border returned shipment, second made it to them, now a third time to get it back to them. Thats going to be a total of $170 extra I will have had to shell out for this tuner that already cost $600 to start, and I haven't even been able to start my truck yet.

If im just a whiney b!tch whatever, but I think I have a very valid gripe. It's not like this was some cheap *** part I bought. For the amount you spend to get Osiris, you would think that tech support would be a little more on the ball.
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Brutal: I have the same general idea. ONCE, I can get this damn thing in and working Im sure I will have no issues. Or atleast hope. But I have the worst luck when it comes to vehicles.

As I said, My issue is not with the product. Im sure this tuner is the sh!t. IF I can ever get it going. My issue is with the persons running the assisstance side of things.
It's like that friend that everyone has, you phone them 10 times they never answer. But you text them once and they get back to you. Same with Uprev, I can call 5 times in a day, not get one answer, but then email an he will get back to me. And for a guy who says he doesn't check his email often, you would think calling this guy would be best!

Anyhow: DISSAPPOINTED TO THE MAX. This guy knows I am not the swiftest, yet some how he managed to not even think I would need instructions on what to do. And as a result, because he neglected to give me further instructions, when I received my ECU back and it did the same FU(KIN thing it did when I sent it out, I followed the last set of instructions he gave me previously. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THE OLD ROMs HE GAVE ME WERE FAULTY, UNLESS HE TELLS ME SO. WHICH HE DID NOT DO TIL AFTER I HAD CRASHED THE THING AGAIN.
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Update: As anticipated my ECU arrived today. Got that b!cth installed, got it uploaded, and all is good.

Now, onto the important part. Been about 5 months that my truck has been down, and I last drove it, so my first impressions of Uprev are a little lack luster. I know it's because I haven't driven my truck in so long and just can't remember what it was like. I think im a person who is pretty in tune with their vehicle, and I can generally notice the smallest of changes in its performance. I will say however, WOT IS THE SH!T!!! That is the one thing I really noticed the most. It doesn't feel like my truck has Honda's V-TEC anymore. It just straight pulls from the bottom all the way through now, which is also part of why I think I didn't feel as though I gained alot.

Overall, It was something I had to do because I have hi-flow cats and DT Long tube headers, so it is what it is. Would I do it again???? If not for wanting to have my SES light off, NO. I think most of the benefits from Uprev can be had with the cheaper hand helds. By this I mean that the biggest gains most people will likely notice will be from the removal of the WOT restriction itself, everything after that is bonus in my opinion. But, I do think that having Cypher will prove to be priceless. The stuff you can diagnose with that program is amazing. I would not doubt it, if someone told me with Cypher you can do as much as the dealer could do as far as diagnostics.

So.... After a long, trying, ordeal to get my truck going, I could not be happier. Though my comments on Uprev may be a little un-impressive right now, im sure once I play with it and learn a little bit more about it, its true value will be shown.

Thanks to all who supported, and helped through all my B!tching and whinning. Hope one day to be able to return the favor.

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Thanks. Been a long time coming, but finally got'er beat.
Dubie: Well, I guess I kinda took it easy when I drove it after getting her going. Wish I woulda known that a little earlier. Well, I guess it got about 25 min worth of highway miles before I started rompin on it. I just emailed Uprev to ask about data logging. Read of guys here saying to get it "fine tuned" for my particular truck, so fig I would ask them before I blow up my truck. Gona spend most of wednesday playing with it and trying data log.

Thanks for the help.
Thanks to all.

A happy ending indeed. Actually super happy with it. Lovin the way the truck feels with the headers and Uprev, and WOT. Just gotta start figuring out the data logging and such, to make sure every thing is groovy.
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