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Uprev here.

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WoooHooo. Finally got my Uprev. And right away I realized how computer challenged I really am! Almost to the point where I feel I may never figure this thing out, haha. I can't even get the thing to start doin it's thing. So gona hope the guys at Uprev are really patient and can get me through it when I call. Of course I can't remember what it said in the big, bold, red, error message after I "Load" my tune and then tried to "Reflash". I think it had to do with Cable ID or something??? But of course when I went back to try it again to see what that red message was, my battery voltage was just under 12v so Osiris wouldn't even try again. I really wish I knew more about computers. And I haven't even got past uploading it yet. LOL Guess it's battery charger and a long distance phone call to Uprev for me tomorrow. Guess im just ranting?!?!?! Comments/advice always welcome.:comphead:
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Uprev is actually a pretty small, but very busy company. I've done alot of business with them. Visited them countless times. I've always had great luck with them. But because they are a small busy company, sometimes its difficult for them to keep up with all the emails, messages, etc. sometimes. But they are a good group of guys there. They will take care of you.
i was gonna say word for word what RD said^^ minus the countless times, i've only been there once :thumbsup:
^^i'd like to qualify that statement a little by saying that that is probably what any "tuner" company like uprev (superchips, bullydog, etc) would do as the best course of action. chances are everything will be fine and you will be back on the road before you know it
yea we had strict conditions to follow when doing software updates at the dealership i worked at too (not nissan).
damn that sucks
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