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Uprev Dyno Day this Saturday the 5th

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Hey Guys, for any of you in Texas, Uprev is having a cool Dyno day this Saturday, the 5th. They are doing dyno runs for $25. Thats a great deal!!
They are also having food, raffles, showcars, etc. They are getting booked up pretty quick on the dyno runs, but still have some slots open. Check it out if you are intersted--
UpRev Blog Blog Archive June 5th Dyno Day Event!
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if i was local i'd be all over that!!
when you are there on monday and have time to discuss, bring up what we talked about the other day in pm's about VR engines, see what they think :D

with enough "mad scientists" we may be able to figure it out and have truly fast trucks... until then, i'm happy with my "exhaust only" performance mod list :thumbsup:
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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