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Upholstery and seat removal/swapping?

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I my dog was super stressed out on a recent trip, and decided that she needed to pee on my seat, probably a day to day and a half worth of pee, she refused to go anywhere else for some reason and decided to go when i left her for a minute, but anyways, i need to get that seat taken apart and cleaned since it reeks. Anyone know how to remove the upholstery, padding, etc? Also is it possible to swap the passenger and driver seats temporarily? I am sure removal of the seat is straighforward.

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Alrite so one night I was at a party and my buddy went to get something out of my truck. Well he uked all over my passenger seat. So the next day i see him by my truck and see that hes attempting to clean it up(I was pissed). So we went to walmart got some super duper high strength carpet cleaner. Scrubbed the sh*t out of the Seat and then vaccumed it out, repeated a couple times and it was golden. Uke smells alot worse then piss and usually never seems like it comes out but it worked. So its a thought, and the carpet cleaner had scrub bristles that were money.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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