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UPGRADING Stock 2006 Speakers... Suggestions please?

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Hey All,

I am in the market for some speakers. From my understanding, this is how the setup is (For a 2006 Frontier XE King Cab)

2 Front Tweeters
2 Front 6x9 Speakers
2 Rear 6.5 Speakers

I am only in the market for upgrading the stock speakers, I'm fine with the stock cd player (As I want to keep the car as stock as possible).

Anyone have any suggestions for reasonably priced speakers, that sound nice, and also, if you can suggest what type (i.e, 2 way, 3way ect).

Any help would be nice! Thanks everyone!
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Thanks, that really answered alot of my questions ...

Are there any known issues on installing a Rockford Fosgate (Stock Nismo head) on a reg non nismo frontier?
from what i have seen on here the XE's do NOT have tweeters in the dash and there is no wiring there for them. you may want to look into that before you do anything. i know you want to keep your truck stock but a new head unit will make even the crappy stock speakers sound better. just replacing the speakers isnt going to help much.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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