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hey everyone. Ive got a 2008 nismo crew cab that im gonna be upgrading. Ive allready got the suspension kit picked out thanks to a kind guy named mike. and i think im going to be adding. shrockworks front bumper, rear bumper, skid plates and rock sliders. not too sure on wheels yet. would it be a bad idea to keep the stock wheels but get new offroad tires for them? and im not really sure where i should start with all of this. any help would be appreciated. ill post a pic of the truck below. thanks everyone.

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I have been running stock wheels for 5 years. Have had 33 BFG Ats, then 35 BFG ATs, didn;t liek 35s, went back to 33s, but did MT baja claws, then back to 33 BFG Ats.. So stock wheels will be ok with offraod tires.. I painted my wheels black...
your factory wheels are fine for offroading unless you want to upgrade for cosmetic reasons.
shrockworks makes great products, but the wait time for their products is typically 5-6 months from time of ordering. i have a shrock front bumper and i have been very pleased with it. shrock also makes skids, sliders, and a rear bumper for your truck, but they are expensive. quality costs money.
I will sale you my front bumper... but it's made to fit fiberglass..
you might even find that the nismo wheels are lighter then alot of aftermarket wheels
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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