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Hey all,

I just came across an old friend that is a car junkie and he pitched a couple ideas my way. Need some advice.

1. Since the truck is 10 years old now I was informed that in the state of oklahoma I do not have to have a cat converter and the first mod that was suggested was a complete custom exhaust.

2. As with number one, it was suggested to replace the headers as well. Any suggestions as to what would work best?

3. Volant CAI. This one I could do myself if needed, but get rid of all the baffles and resonators.

4. He suggested a port and polish combined with a new intake. Have absolutely no idea on this one. Can the intake be modded or does anyone make them for first gens?

5. Adding a turbo. This one I shot down as that seems to be way over the top.

The point of these mods is to get a little more oomph out of the 3.3 but I'm not expecting any miracles. The last question I have is that he also suggested just dropping in like a VQ40 and go from there. Anyone have any suggestions for this one? Has it ever been tried?

Thanks for any replies I get, much appreciated.

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Unless you fool your O2 sensors, your going to have computer issue deleting the cats.
You can still run headers with cats, we already have dual cats so flow is decent.
porting and polishing heads involves some work, it can be done on any engine tho. doesn't matter if its a big block chevy or a chainsaw (yea, I ported my chainsaw). Mostly it involves work to lower turbulance and reduce obstructions in the air flow path.
Adding a turbo (or a super charger) wouln't be that over the top since there are computers available for a boosted 3.3L
I like the VQ40 idea, but have you considered a 4BT swap ( The 3.3 isn't a hot rod engine, its very reliable with proper maintenance, but its also antiquatied technology.
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