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Hey everyone, name is Ian like my username states. I recently purchased a 2017 Frontier SV 4wd manual to replace my 06 Xterra. Absolutely loved the Xterra but it had been repainted at one point and paint was coming off in several places. It was at 100,000 miles and I saw a few more heavy maintenance items that needed done, and I was already in the market to replace my Cobalt SS. So I turned my attention away for a couple minutes to look at trucks, and found the Frontier. The Xterra served us great, but we really needed a truck. The Frontier has been just like owning the Xterra, but the first day of owning it proved its worth as Lowe's delivery screwed me delivering my cabinets.

I have been around for a while and added a few things to the Xterra over time. I had put on Bilstein struts/shocks, the intake manifold spacer, PRG engine mounts, and the JWT aluminum flywheel. Not a whole lot outside of normal maintenance items. I hope to add on a bit to the Frontier, and figure out why engine power feels so dull compared to our old Xterra.
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